Japanese beauty of Ono no Komachi last memory "Zui-shin in"



Zui-shin in temple is not only the gate trace temple where the aristocrats came into the temple in the early ancient times, but also the residence of the famous Japanese beauty “Ono no Komachi” in her the last years. It has a far-reaching relationship with “Ono no Komachi”.

The three beauties in the world for Japanese are Japan’s Ono no Komachi, Egypt’s Cleopatra VII, and China’s royal concubine yang of Tang dynasty.

Here is distinct in four seasons that you can visit: plum blossom and cherry blossom in spring, a small bamboo forest and green maple in summer, maple leaf in autumn and snow in winter!!

There is a picture of  Ono no Komachi in the courtyard!

Wearing traditional Japanese wedding kimono in the temple, you can take photos. It’s unique.

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor kimono wedding photo!!

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