Kimono pre-wedding photo in "Tofukuji temple" !!



Tofukuji temple, it is the oldest and largest in Kyoto, Japan.

There is a beautiful garden of Japanese courtyard, a valley and a super long bridge! Tofukuji temple is also famous for its maple leaves. In autumn, the maple leaves from Tsuten-kyo bridge to the garden are interlaced, which is one of the necessary scenic spots to appreciate maple in autumn!

There is a sense of infinite extension when taking photos on the tongtianqiao bridge. The shooting of far-reaching scenes allows the protagonist to blend in.

The Kaisando, which is one of building in the Tofukuji Temple, it is super recommended scenic spot too. The Karesansui (dry landscape) of the garden here is maintained. You can sit and have a rest on the corridor to enjoy the beauty of Zen.

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor kimono wedding photo!!

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