Make a promise next year in Kyoto, kimono pre-wedding photo in "Tanan" !!



The Kyoto National Museum, which was opened in the 30th year of the Meiji  (1897), was called the “Imperial Kyoto Museum” at that time. The oldest Western-style building museum was designed by “Katayama Tokuma”. Nara Natoinal Museum and The Hyokeikan in the Tokyo National Museum are designed by him!

This time I will introduce the tea house “Kanan”, which is the innermost one. It was presented to the museum by Kanichiro Ueda in the Showa 33 (1958). This is a common architectural form in the Edo period. It is the loan of taking photos.

In such an atmosphere, wearing a kimono is like back to the pass time! !

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor kimono wedding photo!!

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