Let the Japanese master to teach you, your handmade Wagashi!



Japanese Wagashi is not only a dessert, but also an art. It is made of delicious and beautiful wagashi according to the scenery of all seasons and the flowers, insects and birds into the dessert.

Because Western desserts were introduced into Japan in the Meiji era, in order to distinguish the western countries from Japan, Japan is called “Wa”gashi, which is called “Yo” gashi for the Western desserts.

The composition of water in Japanese desserts are very important. Please refer to the following.

“Higashi” is the water content 20%

“Namagashi” is the water content 40%

For example, we often see that the price of Rice cake. Besides, one of is beautiful which is like art as the picture and Japanese will treat the namagashi and tea with guest.

“Hannamagashi” is the water between the two of them. For example like taiyaki.


Come to Japan to definitely have this experience to make own wagashi, after the work that you can also take home slowly taste!

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