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The last article mentioned the geographical relationship of sushi. This time, we want to introduce the category of sushi!! When you go to the Japanese restaurant that you can order easily!!

Hako sushi

The origin of the earliest sushi! Put the rice with vinegar and other ingredients in a small wooden box, arrange them in order, and then compress them with a lid. Cut them when you want to eat them, so they are called “Hako sushi”.

Nigiri sushi 

It’s the most common dish now. It’s made of fresh sashimi and rice. It’s one of the dishes you must eat when you come to Japan.

Maki sushi there are four kinds of sushi with laver to cover.

1.Hosomaki sushi

Usually there are stains, cucumbers, eggs, tuna…etc and put them up the rice.

2.Futomaki sushi

There are many things that can be put, and the outermost part is covered with seaweed.

3.Temaki sushi

This way of eating can come from gamblers, because they use laver to roll up the rice and materials. It can not only eat with a big mouth, but also avoid sticking cards and fingers to the rice grain, which can kill two birds with one stone, so it is very popular with gamblers.

4.Uuramaki sushi

It is also called California Roll. The first is that no fish and seaweed are produced in other countries, and foreigners also feel that there is no appetite for all black appearance, so they have developed this kind of Roll Sushi with various colors.

Gunkan sushi

The innovation restaurant which is named Ginza Kyubey started with the eggs of fish and sea urchins, which are very delicious.

Inari sushi

It’s bean curd sushi.i. The outside is sweet taste with the sour taste of vinegar rice, the whole taste is sour and sweet to make people unforgettable.

Chirashi sushi

It is to put all kinds of ingredients in a bowl of vinegar rice, and cut all kinds of raw fish, cooked fish, roes, seafood, eggs, seaweed, vegetables, etc. used to make sushi into large pieces or pieces and cover them with rice.

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