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Chinese calligraphy is extensive and profound, spreading all over the world, especially in neighboring countries: Japan and South Korea, with a long influence. However, in Japan, calligraphy is called “Shudao”. In ancient Japan, it was called “Ru Mu Dao” and “Bi Dao”. It was not until Edo that the word “Shudao” came into being and is still used today. Nowadays, however, Japan regards calligraphy as a kind of knowledge for cultivating students and cultivating their nature, especially for practicing calligraphy! In Japan, you can write on behalf of your people!

There are five kinds of fonts commonly used in the Japanese book way in life!!

「Tensho」(seal script)

The cover of Japanese passport is in seal script!

「Reisho」(Clerical script)

You can see “Bank of Japan notes” and “ten thousand yen” in official script are printed on the Japanese bank note for ten thousand yen.


The hiragana we learn in Japanese is changed from cursive script.

「Gyosho」Semi cursive

In Japan, students after middle school practice handwritten characters, mainly in running script, while in primary school they practice writing in regular script.


「Kaisho」(regular script)

Japanese 5 yen coins are written in regular script!

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