How to plan a destination wedding?



Generally speaking, do you think overseas weddings are expensive? How do we start planning?

1. Decide a date

Find out the time and vacation that both people can have. If you want to bring your family together, you should also take the time of your family into consideration. Then confirm the date with the church. After the appointment is successful, if you want to invite friends, you can announce it to everyone at the appropriate time (if you want to invite friends, please suggest two months ago)

Two people → whether the family should come together → confirm the date with the church → make an appointment with the church → announce friends → confirm the number of people

If you only two people for the ceremony, you don’t have to worry.

2. Schedule 

The next step is to determine the number of days to travel. The shortest time is 3 days. The best time is 5 days. Of course, if you want to travel longer, you have no problem. What’s more important is to decide which cities. If you have five days, you can arrange two cities, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto. In fact, they are all places worth exploring again.

3. Booking flight ticket & a hotel

It is recommended to make an appointment at least 6 months ago. Of course, if it is a temporary decision, you can make an appointment first, but accommodation. If you can book a room in a month in Low season, there will be unexpected surprise price!!

When booking a ticket, don’t forget to tell the wedding planner the arrival date and time, and further arrange the wedding dress trial and rehearsal time!

4. If there are guests, confirm the number from one month to two weeks before the wedding

If there are only two people for the ceremony, don’t worry about it, but if you bring your family and friends, please pay attention to the number of people. The Japanese church will want to know how many guests are present, and how many guests are on the groom’s side and the bride’s side, so you must count them for the wedding planner first!

5. one week before the wedding date

Make sure that other things to bring to Japan are like props. They want to take photos. For example, we all have wedding suits, so we don’t need to bring heavy wedding suits to Japan. We can reduce the weight of luggage and bring more hand gifts back!

6. After flying to Japan, arrange trial wear and rehearsal

After arriving in Japan, we will choose the wedding dress and suit we like according to the agreed time. If there is any problem, we have a professional Japanese stylist at any time.

7. Wedding date

Remember to have a good sleep the day before the wedding. You can apply a mask to relax.

8. After the ceremony

The guests of the ceremony are often photographed outside after the ceremony. If you don’t need to shoot, it’s the end of changing clothes. If you have any guests, you can arrange dinner together. It’s highly recommended having a small Japanese wedding banquet in the banquet hall of our church


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