Mother's day! Have a tea time with your lovely Mom!



We have the bouquets of Mother’s Day every year. Because of COVID-19, I believe that we can’t go anywhere now. Staying at home is the best choice! 

Although this selling area is only for Japan. Today I will take you have a look at the Mother’s Day floral art designed by our florist. You can buy some flower and sweets to your mom and have a tea time together on the Mother’s Day.

The desserts are also recommends that you can eat healthy snacks.

For example, you can find organic materials and vegetable biscuits, which are not only safety to eat, but also healthy.

Often we think that eating desserts is not healthy, but when eating sweets, dopamine neurons secrete dopamine, making people feel happy.

However, some people with Hypertension and diabetes mellitus can recommend this low-carb cake if they want to eat dessert.

Now because of the Covid-19 situation, everyone needs to wear a mask. But using a disposable mask will create a lot of garbage. A cloth mask is very environmentally friendly and can be reused and cleaned too.

It is recommended to prepare more than two for switch. 

There is mask drawing that you can make by yourself , you can also download pictures here, and take the cloth hand-made at home.

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