The reason for holding wedding ceremony in Kansai area, Japan!!



Getting marriage on the beach, it is hard to hold the perfect hairstyle. 
And if you scare the cold temperature, chilliness place is not your dream place too. 
Let me give you the reasons for holding wedding ceremony in Kansai area. 

Kansai area【Kyoto/Osaka/ Kobe/Nara】
Every city that you can find the different Japanese culture. 
Especially Kyoto is called the really Japan for Japanese. 
1. Location: 
Arriving the Kansai airport and you can take the bus or train to the city. 
From Osaka to Kyoto(1 hour 30 mins). Kobe(30mins ). Nara(1 hour), the distance is very convenience.  
That you donʻt need to rent a car for transportation. 
2. Experience 
Only in Kansai that you can see the real Japan. 只有在关西地区才可以体验到真正的日本;
No matter Sakura (Cherry blossom) in spring or maple in autumn that you can see the unforgettable scenery in here. 
3. delicious food 
Of course you have to try the Japanese food! !
Sushi. shikiyaki. Japanese course. Kobe beef…
Won ‘t you try the local Japanese food in here?  
4. Shrine and Temple  
Kansai, Kyoto is the best to see the Japanese culture.
Kiyomizu temple. Kingakuji. fushimi inari… all is most to visit places. 
5. Shopping places 
Takashiyama. Daimaru and many shopping areas are in here. 
You donʻt need to worry boring in here. 
5. Service 
TAGAYA is the luxury wedding bridal in Kansai. 
We have professional team of hair & make up. stylist. floris. reception that is all Japanese staffs to service. Also, we are located in junction in Osaka/ Kyoto/ Kobe. 


Welcome to contact our wedding planner to discuss more details. 



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