operation love at VIVA SQUARE KYOTO



VIVA SQUARE Kyoto Outdoor Skating Rink

This is a new leisure place in Kyoto where family, couples and friends can play together.
Here you can admire the blue sky and the night sky, and the ice rink is excellent too.

Beginners, both adults and children can glide with peace of mind
VIVA SQUARE KYOTO will provide rental skates.
In addition, there are skates and helmets with two blades,
Even if you do not know how to skate, or children, you can rest assured to enjoy the sport.



Of course, besides skating, you can also propose marriage.
If you want to give her a special surprise, look over here! !! !!


[ Plan ]

●Simple plan  JPY¥10,000- 

(Including:entrance fee(Adult 2 people)/ skating shoes (Adult 2 people)/ interpreter)

●Surprise plan JPY ¥35,000-

(Including:entrance fee(Adult 2 people)/ skating shoes (Adult 2 people)/ interpreter/ bouquet /photo shooting)

●Luxury plan ¥55,000-

(Including:entrance fee(Adult 2 people)/ skating shoes (Adult 2 people)/ interpreter/ bouquet / photo shooting / Video shooting)

※According to your request, we can customize the style of the proposal. 



[Other options ] 

●reserve the whole venue of skating rink rental charge fee add JPY ¥33,000- /per hour

※ 12/20~25(during Christmas )¥ 44,000-/per hour

※ Lighting for night extra charge ¥ 3,300-/per hour

※ available time for renting

Weekday:8:00~11:30 / 21:30~23:00 ;

Sat. Sun. Holiday:8:00~9:30 / 21:30~23:00;

●Clothes/accessorize/customization/ spatial arrangement / flower Arrangement or other requests welcome to contact us.

All prices are including tax.

Welcome to contact our wedding planner to discuss more details. 

Contact us:info@overseas-wedding.jp


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