Features of Kaiseki cuisine



Kaiseki cuisine is based on Japanese custom made of three dishes and one soup diet,  Usually eat before drinking tea.

Kaiseki cuisine , It is to avoid the strong stimulation of strong tea when drinking tea on an empty stomach,Also to make tea more delicious without affecting the Japanese cuisine of tea.

In addition, Japanese restaurants are increasingly offering kaiseki cuisine. Japanese kaiseki cuisine has three main principles: use seasonal ingredients, make full use of the flavor of the ingredients, and cook kindly and carefully.

Kaiseki cuisine has a strong seasonality, and the food mix varies from season to season.

Take spring kaiseki cuisine as an example, including sashimi, miso soup, and white rice. After using it, it is cooked and grilled. Now usually there is another side dish called “storage bowl”. After using up soup and rice, you can drink a glass of sake, and then put it in the “storage bowl”.

In addition to materials, Kaiseki cuisine is very particular about eating utensils, seats, gardens, hanging scrolls, vases, etc.Shaped space beauty.

Among the various traditional Japanese cuisines, kaiseki cuisine is of high quality, price and status. Many Japanese believe that while enjoying the light and delicious four season kaiseki cuisine, they can also obtain a detached mood space.

Kaiseki cuisine emphasizes elegance and quietness. No matter the appearance, production technology, or dining environment, the pursuit of exquisiteness, and many Kaiseki restaurants are hidden in the mountains or Zen temples.


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