Tokyo City Location Plan




※Tokyo City: (3 places are below selected )

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Asakusa, Harajuku, Kasai Rinkai Park, Sancha Park,

Gento Shrine (can not enter the shrine)


※Outskirts: (One suburb + Two in the Tokyo metropolitan area)

Kashiwa coast, Arakawa embankment,Showa Park


※Mount Fuji:

If you want to  shot in Mount Fuji,Due to the long distance,

only one set can be taken.(100 cuts) 

Please note that the number of days that Fuji Mountain can take pictures clearly during the year is limited, and there is a risk that it will not be available to see the  Mount Fuji.


In the above locations,You can choose any place you like.

*Expected itinerary

Meeting place: 5-17-10, 3F, East Rikly, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo



7:00  Arrive at the meeting place → start makeup

9:00  Departure to location 

10:30 First location shot

13:00 Lunch (light food in the car) + move

15:00 Second location

17:00 Third location

18:00 Photography ends and changes clothes .

19:00 End










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