『Reiwa』New plan for summer!!



This summer’s the reign title is enabled! ! Want to come to Japan for an unforgettable wedding? What is the charm of overseas weddings? Introduce five points for you. 

1. Simplify the ritual of ceremony

2. Sweet travel for two or travel with close family and friends

3. Especially unforgettable overseas wedding memories

4. Exquisite service and wedding of Japanese wedding

You don’t have to wear clothes, one-stop service, let you travel around abroad to reduce troubles

5. The budget is relatively high

Now, we have new plan only for this summer! 

『Chapel Wedding with Yukata outdoor photo shoot』

   Yukata gift for you

Hot summer weather that you may afraid to wear the wedding kimono. Now we launch a new plan in this summer. 

『Wedding ceremony+Reception Party』

 Photo album (20 pages) for gift

After ceremony that you can enjoy the French cuisine with family and friends. 

You can choose the pictures that you like and make an album. 

『Wedding Cake Party』

Fee of sharing for eating is free.  

We also have wedding cake celebration party and it will charge the cake of service per person. But if you reserve the wedding before the end of August and it is free of charging. 

Would you like to get married in Japan. Contact us now ~ info@overseas-wedding.jp


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