About「Flower」story at the wedding



The must have items at the wedding, in addition to wedding suits or veil, absolutely must to need the bouquet and boutonniere ! Do you know the origin of them?

The story is like this…

A long time ago, a handsome boy, holding a sword to save his beloved girl, when he saved the girl, he took the flowers along the way into a beautiful bouquet and gave it to the girl. The girl accepted the boy’s bouquet and took the most beautiful flower inside and put it on the man’s chest. This is the origin of the bouquet and boutonniere.

The early western believed that the strong flavors of spices and herbs could protect the people at the wedding from bad luck and disease. The custom of passing on later generations was followed.

Single lady will find their happy partner when they receive the bouquet thrown by the bride at the wedding.

The bride and groom walked the red carpet and sprinkled flowers in front of the newcomers, which is also the role.

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