Let's make an Apéritif Party just for your style



We will have parties be held soon in March! The bride and groom don’t need to worry about your party! Introduce the process to you and the light food party content we can serve!

*First of all, we must first grasp how many guests there are. The number of people is the most important thing. Our meal starts from 10persons!

*Then, the most important thing in Party is “Gourmet”. Come and see our meals. There are a total of 11 channels to choose from, all of which are prepared according to the number of people!


*After confirming the number of people and the meal, it is to process the itinerary. Generally speaking, it will be like this.

1. After the ceremony, please invite guests to the banquet hall

2. Groom and bride admission

3. Speech →Cheers 

4. Food time

5. Dance time

6. Photot time – Selfie

7. Thanks parents 

8.  End speech 

9.  Grand exit

If you have any question of overseas wedding or wedding party, welcome to mail us!info@overseas-wedding.jp



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