Spring&Summer french cuisine in Kyoto St. Andrews



Spring is coming, we are about to replace the new menu in March!

Come and see our dishes, in addition to seasonal vegetables, there are also new dishes carefully designed by our chef.

Tasty squid take a cute season with wild vegetables and scallops with cream sauce

In the spring and summer seasons, with squid and refreshing vegetables and special cream sauce, you will definitely find a taste of seafood with vegetable. 

Bean onion soup with crispy bacon

Onion puree has always been the essence of French cuisine, adding beans and grilled crispy bacon, which makes you want to take a sip of it.

Spicy grilled scallions with chives and vinegar

The squid in spring and summer is not only delicious, but also served with Japanese scallions and vinegar tomatoes. The sour taste makes the fish more sweet.

Red wine stewed Japanese-made five-flowered beef, cooked wild vegetable mashed potato

Japanese beef cattle reputation is well-known, red wine stewed beef, served with mashed potatoes, really delicious.

Raspberry Sauce Champagne Dessert

This road has always been our signature dessert in Kyoto. It is super delicious, sour and sweet, want to have a slightly sweet and slightly sweet taste? Absolutely eat and see

Do you feel hungry when you see these pictures of our Kyoto menu!? If you are thinking of Japanese style reception party welcome to contact us! 


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