Kyoto Arashiyama hanatouro 2018



From 2005, every first of December there is around ten days of Kyoto Arashiyama hanatouro. You can see the light up at night in Arashiyama that is a different chance to enjoy night of Arashiyama.

Arashiyama region, walkway totaling approximately 5 km is rendered from the light of open air lanterns, whose shades and shadows imbue Japanese sentiment, and the blossoms of voluminous flower arrangement pieces. 

If wear the kimono and walk on the road of bamboo forest that is wonderful. 

Every tourist came to here to enjoy the moment and took a lot of pictures. 

Time:2018/12/8 ~12/17  light up time: 17:00-20:30

It is very cold at night in Arashiyama so please keep warm all the time. 



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