♡Gion shijo Station♡ Kyoto Wedding Kaiseki Banquet



【Gion Hatanaka : Tasting a Kaiseki Meal in a Quiet Mountain House】

Gion Hatanaka is located in a quiet mountain house of Kyoto city.

There is a kind of hush here.

The banquet places in Gion Hatanaka are bright and beautiful.

They give us a refined and elegant atmosphere. ?

What kind of Kaiseki meal in these wonderful places?

Let’s have a taste of the Kaiseki feast in Gion Hatanaka! ?

Gion Hatanaka draw influences from the vegetarian diets of Buddhist monks, 
as well as the tastes of gentrified socialites. 
Whereas the meals with tea were small and modest, 
they were served with rich tea through the elaborate tea ceremonies and signified welcoming.


Gion Hatanaka is in Gion, and between the Yasaka temple and Kodai-ji temple.

The area has a good public transport network, and the environment is peaceful and comfortable.?

Every bride and groom who wear Japanese Kimono and taste Kaiseki meals here will be like the nobility in the past. ?

Adress: Gion Hatanaka in Gion Kyoto 505 Gion Minamigawa Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City 605-0074

Course: 16,000 yen~

Guests: ~40 people

Restroom:  free

Website: https://www.thehatanaka.co.jp/english/

【Saami : Enjoying Kaiseki Banquet in Spacious Japanese House】 

Saami was established in 1849 and built on the high grounds in Maruyama Park as an elegant place to spend his twilight years.

It is a good place for you to enjoy a wonderful view of the Kyoto streets in the pure Japanese-style building. ?

Saami has a beautiful outside.

How about its inside?


The rooms of Saami are combined with plants and flowers, and have a wonderful and unique atmosphere.


The Kaiseki meals of Saami are special, too!

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood, coupled with classic and elegant tableware become a Kaiseki meal which abounds in good looking, savoury smell and taste flavor.


These more than 3300 square meter facilities include a main building, annex & teahouse, all bringing alive the scenery of the past.

The cherry blossoms of springtime & the flaming crimson leaves of autumn make this a wonderful place to enjoy a special meal amid the beauty of nature. 

You will be sure to have an unforgettable experience here!  ?❤?

Adress: Maruyama Koen, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0071

Course: 12,000yen~ 

Guests: ~120 people

Website: http://www.saami.jp/english/index.html

? If you want to experience a beautiful wedding in Kyoto, and taste Japanese food, welcome to contact us, we have English-speaking staff to service you. ?


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