♡Higashiyama · Keage♡ Kyoto Wedding Kaiseki Banquet



【Kyouryouri Rokusei】

Kyouryouri Rokusei has a history of one hundred twenty years.

It not only sells Kyoto popular Soufflé, but also provides fine Japanese dining.

Bright spaces and delicious Kaiseki meals make people feel they are in a lovely world after stepping into Kyouryouri Rokusei.

A big feature of Kyouryouri Rokusei is that they persist in using fresh food ingredients.

The Kaiseki feast of Kyouryouri Rokusei which is filled with different flavors of four seasons always makes guests feel amazing.

The color of food blends into Kaiseki meals and becomes a beautiful scenery.


Kyouryouri Rokusei has a good reputation for its Kaiseki meals in Kyoto.

In addition, it’s popular all over the world.

If you want to take a stroll beside Lake Biwa Canal, experience the beauty of nature in Kyoto,

and feel happy and lovely atmosphere,

please feel free to come to Kyouryouri Rokusei ☺

Nearest train station: Higashiyama Station (10 min on foot)

URL: https://www.rokusei.co.jp/wedding/


【Kyoto Cuisine Restaurant Takeshigero: Three hundreds hirstory】

Takeshigero was established in 1716 and the name is connection from bamboo because there are many bamboo around the restaurant. 

So you can enjoy in the bamboo and feel fresh.

There is one special point is the banquet room is named form plant. For example, above picture is named matsushige(pine tree) and below is Hana(Flower). 

Besides, The kaiseki meal of Takeshigero is very special with seasons.





If you live colorful kaiseki meak and bamboo, recommended the Takeshigero to you.

Address: No.65, Awataguchitorii cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto (Subway「Higashiyama station」5 mins walking)

Nearest train station: Higashiyama Station (10 min on foot)

URL: http://www.takeshigero.com/english/


【Kikusui: The garden style restaurant Nanzenji 】

Kikusui is located at Nanzenji Sando, there is not only Kyoto kaiseki meal but also with pretty Japanese garden building.

From banquet room look outside, you can see the green tree and specially Japanese garden in Kikusui.

The course of Kikusui has been perfected under the guidance and supervision of Chef HIDEAKI MATSUO, the owner of the Michelin 3-Star Japanese restaurant Kashiwaya.


In here, you can feel the beauty and time is stop in the.

Adress:31, Nanzenji Fukuchicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8435

Course: 15,000yen~ (tax including)

Guests: ~100 people

Restroom:  50,000 yen

Website: http://kikusui-kyoto.com/?lang=zh-hant


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