Film your wedding



Recently more and more couple film the wedding to record their wedding day. When you have 10 years or 20 years and more that you can replay again and enjoy your wedding memories. Now! Look our wedding film for our brides and grooms.    

TAGAYA Movie Creator 

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June 18th Li&Chen’s wedding ,「family」 and 「friends」 came to St. Andrews Church to join their warm wedding. And groom had tears in his eyes when he saw his bride. 

July 18th Li & Gong’s wedding . Although this is two people wedding ceremony but you can record by film to present to your family and friends.

Good news for who want a wedding ceremony before end of this year 2018. Now we give a gift – 「Movie」 which is valued 90,000 yen. You are not only keep the photos but also video for your wedding memories.  Feel free to send us requires. 


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