How to prevent heat stroke!



This year is hot wave in summer around the world. No matter europen or American or Japan, there were hot temperature break the record. Please remember to prevent the sunburn and heat stoke. 

1. Sunscreen 

Please use the sunscreen before the 20 minutes going out. And then go out of the door, you can use the sunblock spray. 

2. Umbrella and hat

Bring the umbrella and hat that can avoid to directly under the sun to prevent the sun. 

3. Super cool wipes 

Now there is supper cool wipes that you are able to feel very cold on the skin in Japan. There is also bigger like tower and you can add water to use twice or third times.  

4. Cool tower 

It is more like eco-friendliness that you can find it in 300 yen store. To add the water and repeat to use then you can put it in the can took everywhere.

5. Shioame (salt of sugar)

You can find it in the supermarket or drug shop. You are not only drinking water but also need the salt. Getting the heat stroke it is may cause less the electrolytes in the blood. 

In the end, the important thing is drinking a lot of water all the time. If you feel not very well please find the shadow place to take a rest. Hope you have cool and happy summer this year. 


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