Winnie & Ivan - Early Spring Shoot in Higashiyama District



After a busy period shooting during the sakura season, we finally have time to settle down and share with you some of the lovely shots we took. We always love sharing our clients’ photos as they capture their love stories and in sharing them we hope to spread their joy to our readers! Today’s couple is Winnie & Ivan, who shot in 1st April in Kyoto’s Higashiyama District. It was raining slightly but the couple braved on and were rewarded with great photos!
Winnie was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, while Ivan is Shanghainese and went to study abroad in a university in Canada, which is how the two met. They were clearly very in love with each other, as they had eyes only for their soulmate while they held hands and walked through the cherry blossoms in Maruyama Park, not bothered a bit at all by the rain.
We wish the lovely couple a beautiful and everlasting marriage!
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