Gorgeous Couple Shoots in Higashiyama District



There is no place that screams Kyoto more than Higashiyama district, where anyone who stepped into the area can feel like they are transported back to feudal Japan. For this Japan-mania Taiwanese couple, it doesn’t get any better than this! The two clearly enjoyed the shoot immensely despite the fact that it was less than 10 degrees Celsius on that day, albeit the sunny weather.
The couple drew many looks and compliments from curious onlookers, which was inevitable as they were clearly made for each other and abundant in the looks department! Dressed up in the nines in Western style and shot against old Japanese style backdrop, their choice of attire certainly gave the photos an interesting touch!
We were at first worried that the shoot may be cancelled or postponed, as it was raining heavily the day before. But as always, Lady Luck was on our side and it was bright and sunny on the day itself! As a result, everyone had a fun and enjoyable shoot and took home many great memories from this historic place.
We look forward to meeting this lovely couple again in Kyoto! May the two have a blissful and everlasting marriage!


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